Our focus

Why we're starting with academic credentials.

The Academy is where the most rigorous, expensive, and hardest-to-prove experiences and skills are earned.

We are quickly expanding to employment credentials and professional conferences and organizations.

We’re working with global partners to build an ecosystem where on-chain credentials help students, graduates, universities, and businesses interact more effectively.

Our solutions

Image showing three iphones with screens from Heirloom Wallet

Heirloom Wallet

Manage verifiable credentials for the things you do, accomplish, or get recognized for and leverage them for more meaningful relationships.
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Image showing Heirloom Creator screens on a laptop

Heirloom Creator

Efficiently distribute and manage assets securely on the blockchain and foster better relationships with your community.
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Elements showing various screens and components of the Heirloom Ecosystem.

Heirloom Ecosystem

Leverage our blockchain technology to unlock value for your customers and increase your efficiency.
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Our team

We’re humans, building good things for other humans because it feels like the right thing to do.

We are a completely remote company. We value doing good work, being a good person, and empowering each other to be the best we can.
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