Heirloom Creator

Issue, distribute, and measure on-chain credentials.

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University faculty and staff use Heirloom Creator to issue on-chain credentials.These could be to students, alumni, faculty, staff, or anyone you wish.

Issue on-chain credentials to help Students bridge the communication gap with potential employers.
Achieve deeper engagement with your community using on-chain credentials (go from applicant > student > engaged alum).
Use on-chain authentication to replace physical ID cards while decreasing data liability.

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Our focus

Why are we starting with academic and professional credentials? Learn more.
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Our other solutions

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Heirloom Wallet

Manage verifiable credentials for the things you do, accomplish, or get recognized for and leverage them for more meaningful relationships.
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Heirloom Ecosystem

Leverage our blockchain technology to unlock value for your customers and increase your efficiency.
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