Everyone’s got something to prove.

With Heirloom Wallet, take control of your online persona and prove you are who you say you are—a friend, a colleague, a loyal customer—whenever and wherever it matters most.
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Verifiable Credentials

Prove important things about yourself when it matters most.

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Log in to apps and services
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Attend events, both digital and physical
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Turbocharge your career with verified degrees, awards, and employee ID
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Take advantage of secure and compliant banking and insurance products

The possibilities are endless.

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The Fountain of Truth

Consolidate your credentials from work, education, insurance, and personal assets in a single, streamlined hub. Heirloom is the premier universal wallet, supporting an ever-expanding array of credentials.

One tap. One account. Zero passwords.

Leverage your verifiable credentials to seamlessly access services. Say goodbye to password management—your phone's biometrics protect every transaction.
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Unlock opportunities. Open doors.

Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Enhance your resume and profile with verifiable credentials that reinforce your value to recruiters and potential employers. Or, as James Brown said, "Use what you have to get what you want."
Window with a button allowing a user to auto fill in information about themselves using Heirloom.

Breeze past forms with
Proof of Me™

End the drudgery of form-filling.
With Proof of Me™, tedious account sign-ups, shipping, checkouts, and job applications become a distant memory.
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Make Meaningful Connections

Spark engaging conversations at conferences, connect with alumni, or make new friends in new cities. Heirloom strengthens valuable connections with the people who matter most.
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Yours. Truly.

Your data belongs to you—now and forever. Heirloom Wallet's portability ensures your independence and sovereignty, prioritizing your autonomy above all else. We're here for you, and we hope you'll stay with us—but the choice is always yours.
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Authentically human.
Digitally provable.

Sing the song of yourself.

Unlock the limitless potential of your identity by effortlessly sharing only the aspects you choose, on your terms. No more scrambling to prove your identity, no more falling victim to impersonation.

With Heirloom Wallet, you have the power to confirm your legitimacy in an instant, redefining the meaning of trust in the digital age.Embrace Heirloom Wallet and experience the freedom and confidence that comes with owning your digital identity. You are many things to many people.

It's time to take control and show the world who you truly are.
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It's time to unlock your full potential.

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