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Self Sovereign Identity SDK

Elevate your users' experience with our Self Sovereign Identity SDK. Empower them with tools to create, manage, and control their digital identities, ensuring a secure and privacy-focused interaction with your app or service. Seamlessly integrate the SDK into your platform and witness the transformative power of self-sovereign identity.

Issuer API

Unlock the potential of trust with our Credential Issuer API. Effortlessly issue, manage, and revoke verifiable credentials for your users, establishing an environment of authenticity and confidence. With just a few lines of code, you'll enable a new level of security and reliability within your app or service.

Verifier API

Ensure the legitimacy of user credentials with our Credential Verifier API. This intuitive technology streamlines the verification process, allowing your app or service to authenticate users' credentials swiftly and securely. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a world of verified digital interactions.

SSO with Verifiable Credentials

Transform the login experience by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) with Verifiable Credentials. Eliminate the need for multiple passwords and enhance user experience by providing secure, one-click access to your app or service. Embrace the future of frictionless authentication today.

Wallet to Wallet Messaging

Foster direct, encrypted communication between users with Wallet to Wallet Messaging. This innovative feature allows for secure, private exchanges of information, enhancing collaboration and connection within your app or service. Strengthen the bonds between users while safeguarding their privacy.

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