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The no-code platform for issuing credentials and building better and more secure communities.

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Issue as many credentials as you want to whoever you want.

We've created templated verifiable credentials with the fields you need to have you issuing credentials in only three steps. We're building more and more each day.

Fully custom credentials

Using our Credential Designer, you can make each credential unique for whatever purpose you need. There are 250 possible design variations today with more customization coming soon.

Introducing Locks

Set up access to digital and physical spaces using your issued verifiable credentials. We integrate with services like Eventbrite and Discord to connect and interact you with your communities in a more streamlined way.

Message Your Communities Directly

Say goodby to email fatigue. Engage your people by sending secure notifications directly to their devices. Communicate event changes, exclusive deals, or just say 'hi!'

Verified View: Ensuring Data Authenticity and Trust

Verified View by Heirloom provides a user-controlled public link to the cryptographic proof supporting the data in your Verifiable Credentials. It's the cornerstone in building a transparent and trustworthy business ecosystem where your or your customers’ claims can be validated by any counterparty.

  • Allows you to substantiate your claims to customersEmpowers customers to verify their claims to you
  • Enhances data authenticity and customer trust
  • Empowers customers to verify their claims to you
  • Fosters a more transparent, trustworthy, and compliant business environment.


The passwordless login experience that enables secure and seamless customer interactions on your platforms. All while boosting user experience and trust. Win, win.

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Physical check-in experience using verifiable credentials for events, talks, courses, or whatever. Fast and secure.

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