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Prove important things about yourself when it matters most.

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Been on the internet lately?

Proof of personhood has never been more important.

In an increasingly connected world, the importance of proving your humanity online has never been more critical. The relentless onslaught of AI, bots, and content farms has flooded the internet with fake data and profiles, causing user experiences to suffer and casting doubt on the integrity of the data we rely on for insights.

It's time to take a stand for authenticity.

Choose Heirloom and embrace a new era of digital security, where your online identity is protected, and your data is reliable.

Heirloom revolutionizes digital identity management by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Our cutting-edge solution enables businesses to issue and accept verifiable credentials that fortify proof of humanity, safeguarding the sanctity of your digital presence.

How it works

Heirloom Creator lets you issue verifiable credentials (VCs) to your customers, users, and employees. You can start in our template gallery.

We’ve worked with industry experts to define dozens of important credential types. You can issue one—or a million—VCs with a few clicks.

If your needs are unique, you can build a credential that suits your needs.

Heirloom Creator has something for everyone.
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Set up the last identity you’ll even need in less than 12 seconds.

We’re serious. Try it.

Heirloom Wallet lets you take custody of verifiable credentials (VCs) and secure them with your face or fingerprint. Your personal details are secure on your device and never shared without your explicit consent.

Whatever you certify is housed inside a tamper-proof, cryptographically provable verifiable credential.
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Once you have your Wallet set up, you’ll have instant access to websites, apps, and exclusive content with just a tap.  Zero passwords. One master key.

Heirloom credentials allow their owner to present and prove almost any type of authorization or certification that you’ve granted them.
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Who it's worked for

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Academic Credentials with Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers

When a university awards a graduating student a prestigious honor, the student struggles to prove this achievement to employers and others efficiently. A streamlined verification system is necessary for students to rely on time-consuming manual processes, limiting their ability to capitalize on the award in their professional endeavors.
Our company executed a pilot program that transformed issuing academic credentials into verifiable credentials. This innovative approach empowered recipients to effortlessly prove their achievements to counterparties, such as during job applications. By streamlining the verification process, we enhanced the value of academic credentials and simplified how students showcase their professional accomplishments.
The USC Viterbi Grand Challenges Scholars Program credential on a phone
case study

Personnel Management and Proof of Insurance with Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers

Providing proof of insurance and validating the accuracy of insurance policies relies on paper-based documentation, which is time-consuming and prone to fraud. Live event producers, in particular, are confronted with the arduous task of managing many physical documents and ensuring their authenticity. A digitized, secure solution is necessary to prevent the risk of fraudulent activity, further complicating the process and jeopardizing the success of live event production.
Our company conducted a groundbreaking pilot program that revolutionized issuing proof of insurance through verifiable credentials. By implementing a QR code-based system, verifiers could swiftly scan and build a timestamped log of all vendors arriving on-site, along with the validation of their insurance policies. This innovative approach provided a multi-party view, significantly streamlining the vendor compliance process at the Coachella Music Festival. As a result, hundreds of hours were saved, allowing event organizers to focus on delivering an unforgettable experience to attendees.




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