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The Key to Trust and Authenticity

  • Secure and trustworthy data with blockchain technology
  • Introduction of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): The next generation of personal and organizational identity
  • Verifiable Credentials (VCs): Tamper-proof, flexible customer data management
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Leverage the power of verifiable credentials

Image of Heirloom Wallet running on an iPhone, with four Credentials in a stack.

Prove important things about yourself when it matters most.

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Log in to apps and services
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Gain access to content and communities
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Attend events, both digital and physical
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Turbocharge your career with verified degrees, awards, and employee ID
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Take advantage of secure and compliant banking and insurance products

How it works

Image preview of a web browser running Heirloom Creator.

Heirloom Creator is a no-code tool that lets you issue verifiable credentials (VCs) to your communities in minutes.

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Screenshot of a user accepting a verifiable credential

Heirloom Wallet allows you take custody of verifiable credentials (VCs) and secure them with your biometrics on your device.

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Image illustrating a Discord integration being signed in from a verifiable credential

Present your verifiable credential & prove almost any type of authorization or certification that you’ve acquired or accomplished.

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Who it's worked for

A photo of a verifiable credential convocation at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.
USC Viterbi Logo.
Empowering Students and Alumni with Enhanced Academic Credentials
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Image of two men at Coachella Music Festival. One man holds the Heirloom Wallet with a verifiable credential in it.
Coachella Atom Operations Logo
Personnel Management and Proof of Insurance with Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers
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Image of a speaker on stage at the Web3 ATL conference.
Logo for Web3 ATL, a web3 conference event.
Event Ticketing and Proof of Attendance with Verifiable Credentials
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