Your credentials.

Your identity.

Your community.

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Trusted and backed by believers
Humans yearn for opportunity.

To unlock economic and personal growth, humans seek experiences, develop new skills, and give their all.
Empowering them to present their experiences and skills in a digitally instantaneous and cryptographically provable way is good for them, academic institutions, and businesses.

It’s objectively good for the world.
Those two value propositions—digitally instantaneous and cryptographically provable—have never been possible before.

We are making it possible on the blockchain.

That is why

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Why are we starting with academic and professional credentials?
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Our solutions

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Heirloom Wallet

Manage verifiable credentials for the things you do, accomplish, or get recognized for and leverage them for more meaningful relationships.
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Heirloom Creator

Efficiently distribute and manage assets securely on the blockchain and foster better relationships with your community.
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Heirloom Ecosystem

Leverage our blockchain technology to unlock value for your customers and increase your efficiency.
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Blockchain can be confusing, and we want to help.

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