Your toolkit for insanely great events.

Say goodbye to ugly tickets, clunky check-in, and murky data about what’s happening at your event.

Trusted by legendary customers

10 second check-in for your attendees

Completely Custom

Issue branded, non-transferable tickets.

Unrivaled data

Access the highest-fidelity event data in the industry.

Multi-Use Credentials

Allow access to many events with one asset—every satellite event or after party.


Physical check-in experience using verifiable credentials for events, talks, courses, or whatever. Fast and secure.

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Unrivaled data

Understand who attended events and at what time allowing you to make better decisions with each event.

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Bringing the Blockchain Community Together For An Unforgettable Conference
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Southern California Blockchain Conference · VanEck Digital Assets Initiative
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XRPL Zone @ ETHDenver · XRPL Commons
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Event Ticketing and Proof of Attendance with Verifiable Credentials
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The proof is in the praise.

“Heirloom took check-in completely off our plate at Web3 ATL this year, and our attendees couldn’t stop raving about the experience. We’re doubling down on Heirloom in 2024.”

–Jack Sanniota, Co-founder, 404 DAO

“Heirloom went above and beyond for our brand and event experience. They were fantastic at adding a VIP touch to our events.”

–Eric Chung, Director, VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

“Heirloom's seamless login 10x’ed our conversion at our booth. Their app converted tickets into a portal for engagement.”

—Jonathan Hessing, CEO, Keyspace

Why Heirloom?
We believe Heirloom can solve problems for you today. Here are answers to the three concerns we get most often.
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Is the onboarding experience technical or time-consuming? I’ve got a lot on my plate.
If your data is available as a CSV, you can import it yourself in seconds. If not, we’ll do the migration for you. We want this to be as easy on you as possible.
Do my customers have to download yet another app?
No. Heirloom works as both a native app on your smartphone, but also as a single-purpose web application.
We strongly encourage users to download our native app, though, as it offers the most secure experience.
We believe in consumer choice, control, and customer service. We’ll meet you and your customers where you’re at.
How long is it going to take to train my team?
Building user-friendly software is our mission in life. Heirloom is usable by anyone with zero training whatsoever. If you don’t feel confident using our software within 15 minutes of onboarding, we’ll refund your first month.

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