The next generation of academic credentials is here.

Issue portable, secure, and instantly verifiable academic credentials with Heirloom to authenticate your community, validate their accomplishments, and build stronger relationships with them on campus and beyond.

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Verified digital identity everywhere your students go

Issue tamper-proof, portable credentials for anything you need to prove and authenticate on campus:

  • Awards
  • Transcripts
  • Meal swipe cards
  • Club memberships
  • Student IDS · Premium
  • Degrees · Premium

Students, faculty, and staff can manage their credentials on their mobile device and can easily present them for authentication, from online SSO to event check-in.

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Say goodbye to slow, unpopular 2FA apps. Seamlessly integrate students' digital identities into your online login flows with Heirloom's SSO.

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Implement fast and secure check-in from live events to class attendance, from alumni luncheons to football games. Verify and admit your attendees instantly—no PDFs or tickets required.

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Unrivaled analytics

Understand exactly who attends which events, classes, and checkpoints around campus, all while preserving student privacy with DID-based identity management. Improve your retention and ROI on events instantly.

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Direct Decentralized Messaging

Say goodbye to email fatigue. Engage your people by sending secure notifications directly to their devices. Communicate event changes, exclusive deals, or just say 'hi!'

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Interested in issuing Student IDs or Degrees? Reach out to us to learn more about Creator Premium.
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Students from the start

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Image of a map of the continental United States with markers for cities with schools in the Heirloom Labs program.

In 2023, we launched Heirloom Labs to provide student organizations with cutting-edge identity management tools, streamlined workflows, and a unique opportunity to build on the frontier of blockchain technology. Since then, Heirloom Labs has gained traction nationwide––student organizations have integrated Heirloom across the United States at 20+ universities (and counting).

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Who it's worked for

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Southern California Blockchain Conference · VanEck Digital Assets Initiative
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Logo for Web3 ATL, a web3 conference event.
Event Ticketing and Proof of Attendance with Verifiable Credentials
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A photo of a verifiable credential convocation at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.
USC Viterbi Logo.
Empowering Students and Alumni with Enhanced Academic Credentials
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