Move through spaces effortlessly

Both digital and physical. Say hello to Heirloom.

It's simple...

Breeze through lines at events.
No more fumbling through email
Log into websites & apps in seconds.
No more passwords. No more codes.
Proof you’ve done what you did.
No more background checks.
Yours, truly.
Heirloom doesn’t store your data.

How it works

Download the Heirloom app and setup your account. It’s really fast. Seriously. We store your data using Apple’s secure enclave—a vault of data that never leaves your device.
Receive and claim a Credential from your favorite community or through purchasing a ticket on the Heirloom ID app.
All your Credentials are stored safely on your device and can only be accessed by you. Heirloom uses your device’s own biometrics (FaceID/TouchID/Passcode) for security.
Effortlessly use your Credential to gain access to events, websites, apps, and more.


Heirloom is trusted by organizations and universities around the world.
Download today.