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Issue fully customizable Ticket Credentials straight through Heirloom Creator or allow your community to purchase tickets through Heirloom Events.
Keep tabs on your event registration, revenue, and event page impressions. You’re never left in the dark.
Unprecedented Check-In Experience
In the world of live events, the first impression is often the last. With QuickCheckin, transform check-in from a mundane necessity to an exceptional experience.
One Ticket Credential for exclusive websites, and any satellite event that you host. We make it easy for you, and your community.
High-Fidelity Data
Access post-event analytics to help you understand your traffic and timing so that you can create the best possible experiences.

Elegant security

In an era where data security is paramount, Heirloom leads with elegance and power.

Leveraging blockchain technology and private key cryptography, we drastically reduce data liability, ensuring your attendees' information remains secure and private. This advanced approach also means our tickets are inherently non-transferable, eliminating the risk of ticket sharing and unauthorized access. With Heirloom, you're not just issuing tickets; you're providing a secure, exclusive experience. Welcome to the new standard in event security
– where safety meets sophistication.

The proof is in the praise.

“Heirloom took check-in completely off our plate at Web3 ATL this year, and our attendees couldn’t stop raving about the experience. We’re doubling down on Heirloom in 2024.”

–Jack Sanniota, Co-founder, 404 DAO

“Heirloom went above and beyond for our brand and event experience. They were fantastic at adding a VIP touch to our events.”

–Eric Chung, Director, VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

“Heirloom's seamless login 10x’ed our conversion at our booth. Their app converted tickets into a portal for engagement.”

—Jonathan Hessing, CEO, Keyspace

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