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Introducing, QuickCheckin

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Unprecedented Speed

In the world of live events, the first impression is often the last. With QuickCheckin, transform check-in from a mundane necessity to an exceptional experience. Gone are the days of lengthy lines and cumbersome processes. Our technology redefines entry efficiency, turning what used to be an afterthought into a delightful, swift, and smooth start to every event. Witness the transformation where every second not only counts but delights.

Rekindling the Magic of Keepsakes

Remember when tickets were cherished memories, not just digital blips? We're bringing that era back. With Heirloom's customizable event tickets, we're not just changing the game; we're reverting it to its former glory. These aren't mere entries; they're crafted masterpieces, resonating with your brand's excellence and your event's unique spirit. They're keepsakes your attendees will treasure forever, timeless reminders of moments that matter. Welcome to the new age of memorable, everlasting tickets.

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They Have a Ticket to Your Wonderland

Transform your event into a tapestry of experiences, each thread accessible with a single, secure ticket. QuickCheckin isn't just fast; it's a gateway to every facet of your event. Attendees move seamlessly through main events, satellite gatherings, and exclusive spaces, all with the same ticket. This not only elevates their experience but also provides you with unprecedented insights.

The Ultimate Birds-Eye View

Track attendance patterns from social gatherings to keynote sessions, gaining a deeper understanding of attendee preferences and behaviors. With QuickCheckin, every ticket holds the key to a fully mapped event journey, enriching both the attendee experience and your event strategy.

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Elegant Security

In an era where data security is paramount, Heirloom leads with elegance and power. Leveraging blockchain technology and private key cryptography, we drastically reduce data liability, ensuring your attendees' information remains secure and private. This advanced approach also means our tickets are inherently non-transferable, eliminating the risk of ticket sharing and unauthorized access. With Heirloom, you're not just issuing tickets; you're providing a secure, exclusive experience. Welcome to the new standard in event security – where safety meets sophistication.

The Ticket That Lasts: Beyond the Event Horizon

These blockchain-based tickets aren't just passes to your event; they're the cornerstone of an enduring relationship with your attendees. Held forever in their digital wallets, these tickets evolve into a dynamic connection point. Attendees can use them to access targeted discounts for future events, enjoy passwordless login for apps and services, and much more. This isn't just ticketing; it's the creation of a persistent, versatile link that keeps your audience engaged, long after the curtains close.

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Best event check in experience I have had to date.

Chris H · Managing Director

I used it this morning for check-in, and it was incredibly fast! It left a fantastic first impression that fits the context of the conference. Impressive!

Suresh M · Sr. Director

Likely the best ID UX/UI I have seen and used. Highly encourage people to check them out for your next event!

Ameer O · Investor Relations & Business Development

This experience was 🔥. It was the best wallet experience I've had at an in-person event, which included an [VC] ticket with easy entry, a DID verifying my participation, and easy-to-collect [VCs] throughout the event!

Shayna S · Founder

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