Personnel Management and Proof of Insurance


Providing proof of insurance and validating the accuracy of insurance policies relies on paper-based documentation, which is time-consuming and prone to fraud. Live event producers, in particular, are confronted with the arduous task of managing many physical documents and ensuring their authenticity. A digitized, secure solution is necessary to prevent the risk of fraudulent activity, further complicating the process and jeopardizing the success of live event production.


Our company conducted a groundbreaking pilot program that revolutionized issuing proof of insurance through verifiable credentials. By implementing a QR code-based system, verifiers could swiftly scan and build a timestamped log of all vendors arriving on-site, along with the validation of their insurance policies. This innovative approach provided a multi-party view, significantly streamlining the vendor compliance process at the Coachella Music Festival. As a result, hundreds of hours were saved, allowing event organizers to focus on delivering an unforgettable experience to attendees.




Hours saved


“I don’t believe how easy that was.”
Robert Brown - Operator: Atom Operations

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