Event Ticketing and Proof of Attendance with Verifiable Credentials

Traditional event management software presents significant challenges for both attendees and organizers. Attendees often endure a slow and frustrating check-in process, where they must search through their emails for QR codes, leading to delays and dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, organizers grapple with the inability to verify individual attendees, as conventional tickets can be easily transferred without authentication. This lack of verification results in a void of high-fidelity data on attendee presence and behavior within the event, hindering the organizers' ability to iterate and improve the event experience, as well as engage attendees effectively post-event. These challenges underscore the critical need for a solution that streamlines attendee access while providing comprehensive analytics for organizers.

404 DAO's dynamic collaboration with Heirloom redefined event management at Web3ATL, an annual gathering of some of the most innovative builders in the web3 space. Seeking an upgrade from conventional platforms, organizers chose Heirloom for its seamless attendee experience and robust analytics capabilities.

Through Verifiable Credentials, attendees enjoyed swift entry in under 8 seconds with QuickCheckin, while daily issuance of on-chain Proof of Attendance Credentials provided attendees with a verified, shareable token of their participation.

This partnership marks a pivotal shift in event management, offering both convenience and comprehensive insights for organizers and attendees alike.


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"Great user experience. It took less than a minute to register, and at the conference it worked flawlessly and fast!"
Ankush Tewari - Consumer Data Industry Executive
A stack of verifiable credentials
A photo of Heirloom staff members checking attendees into the event.

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