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When a university awards a graduating student a prestigious honor, the student struggles to prove this achievement to employers and others efficiently. A streamlined verification system is necessary for students to rely on time-consuming manual processes, limiting their ability to capitalize on the award in their professional endeavors.

Our company executed a pilot program that transformed issuing academic credentials into verifiable credentials. This innovative approach empowered recipients to effortlessly prove their achievements to counterparties, such as during job applications. By streamlining the verification process, we enhanced the value of academic credentials and simplified how students showcase their professional accomplishments.


Credential Conversion Rate
“Proof of my GCS award in my pocket....that’s awesome.”
Sami, 2023 GCS Recipient -  USC Viterbi
A photo of a verifiable credential convocation at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

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Image of two men at Coachella Music Festival. One man holds the Heirloom Wallet with a verifiable credential in it.
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