Event Ticketing, Check-in, and Analytics

The Southern California Blockchain Conference is USC VanEck Digital Assets Initiative's annual marquee event. The 2-day conference brings professionals, students, and educators from all backgrounds into a conversation about the latest developments in web3. The 2024 speaker lineup featured the likes of Chris Dixon (Founder & Managing Partner, A16Z Crypto), Anatoly Yakovenko (Co-Founder, Solana), Brian Brooks (Partner, O'Melveny, & Former Acting US Comptroller of the Currency), and Emad Mostaque (CEO, Stability AI).

2-day event

March 2024



Before the event

When attendees registered for the event, they instantly received their ticket as a Verifiable Credential––a digital, tamper-proof access pass directly on their mobile device.

Image of a person holding a smartphone with an event ticket verifiable credential on the screen.
Images from the Southern California Blockchain Conference in 2024.

During the event

USC VEDA deployed Heirloom’s Verifiable Credentials and QuickCheckin technology for all identity and access management at the conference, including main event check-in, merchandise pickup, claiming an exclusive signed copy of Chris Dixon’s Read, Write, Own, and satellite events. Whether they were claiming their T-shirt on day 1 or checking into the afterparty on day 2, attendees always had their verified access pass right in their pocket––no paper tickets or multiple registrations required.

After event

With Heirloom’s best-in-class analytics, the USC VEDA team reviewed high-fidelity data showing the hottest check-in times, retention and attrition rates between day 1 and day 2, and a verified list of “power attendees” who checked in at all events and access points. This data enabled the VEDA team to strategically engage different demographics and reward their most involved attendees for future event retention.

UI preview of Heirloom Creator with VanEck Digital Assets Initiative banded content.

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