Event Ticketing, Check-in, and Analytics

XRP Ledger Apex 2024, hosted by Ripple, is the largest annual summit on the XRPL calendar. It unites developers, businesses, fintechs, VCs and the wider community.


Event in Amsterdam


June 11-13



A seamless transition from digital to physical

As was standard for past XRP Ledger events, Apex attendees automatically received their Heirloom credential upon registration––their tamper-proof, branded access key to the conference. However, Apex 2024 provided a unique opportunity for Heirloom to seamlessly integrate verifiable credentials with 3+ event vendors in an end-to-end attendee experience. Registration and badging vendors used Heirloom’s API to automate registration communications, analytics, and even on-site badge printing, all based on each attendee’s verifiable credential as the source of truth.

Other case studies

Image of a speaker on stage at the Web3 ATL conference.
Logo for Web3 ATL, a web3 conference event.
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Image of Heirloom staff members working at an event using QuickCheckin.
Logo for the XRP Ledger
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Image of a person holding a smartphone with an event ticket verifiable credential on the screen.
Logo of University of Southern California
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